Lab Cedric, IT Director, Provea – Switzerland
20th January 2019

Lab Cedric, IT Director, Provea – Switzerland

We started the web activity for our Provea lingerie business in 2004 with emQube.

This company was chosen among many local web agencies because the offered us to build an attractive website but for a reasonable budget.

Since that time, we have been collaborating with emQube to monitor and maintain the site, add new functionalities and improve the site.

Starting from scratch, we can say that the project has been very successful because we have now between 500’000 and 800’000 visits and around 25’000 orders per month on the site. In addition, thousands of customer requests are now fully and automatically handled by the site each month, thus decreasing significantly the number of calls to our call centers.

From a global perspective, I can say that Mohammed Sutarwala, emQube’s General Manager, and all his team have always been very reactive and supportive to us. In addition, they often came to us with clever ideas and solutions on how to handle requests from our marketing department. They really adapted their services to the way we are working and have always been present and reliable when we needed them.