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  • Issue 14 / Nov 2023

    21st November 2023 0 Comment

    In this issue we emphasize on how to mitigate the risk of IT project failures. Next discover how minimalism in business and life can lead to a more fulfilling existence....

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  • Issue 13 / Oct 2023

    27th October 2023 0 Comment

    Our 13th issue emphasizes on how task automation optimizes workflow and reduces rate of errors. We also orient you to the PARA method to organize your digital files and expedite...

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  • Issue 12 / Sep 2023

    21st September 2023 0 Comment

    Our 12th issue marks the completion of a year of emQonnect. Thank you for your readership. In this issue we show you the way to Digital Transformation in our article...

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  • Issue 11 / August 2023

    23rd August 2023 0 Comment

    We are almost a year old. Our 11th issue unravels the 'X' factor around Elon Musk and gives you tell-tale signs of a failing leader. The Art of Resting is...

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  • Issue 10 / July 2023

    24th July 2023 0 Comment

    In our July issue, know why thinking small in business tech can hurt. Also, discover a few simple tips to manage several tasks and propel your productivity at the workplace....

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  • Issue 9 / June 2023

    19th June 2023 0 Comment

    In our June issue, check out why the Middle East has become a powerhouse of opportunity, drawing in talented professionals from across the globe. Also read more on why MFA...

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  • Issue 8 / May 2023

    02nd May 2023 0 Comment

    In our May issue check out a few things you need to unlearn so that you can learn the new. Also read more about the reasons your activities are tracked...

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