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Issue 3 / Dec 2022

Our third issue features a new column Guest Guru, allowing experts to share their experience and wisdom. We’d be most happy to feature you too. As always, we appreciate your feedback and help in spreading the word.

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Why is Everyone Talking about ChatGPT?

By now you may have already heard and read if not played, the phenomenon called ChatGPT. Hopes are high that it may accelerate the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NPL) in daily life. So, what exactly is ChatGPT?

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Are We Too Expensive

When Customers Say we’re Expensive? Are We?

Peter Heredia

Peter Heredia

When our customers say we’re too expensive they have only two motives for saying this: They want to buy from us but by saying this they’re trying to get a discount, or they don’t want to buy from us and just want to let us down gently. So let’s understand what’s going on in their mind?

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Managing Director of Maxsale Solutions, a company that helps improve the sales team’s performance.



Are we alone in the Universe?

Sci-fi author Arthur Clarke once famously said ‘Two possibilities exist: Either we’re alone in the universe, or we’re not. Both are equally terrifying.’ Despite our incredible technological advancements, we’re yet to receive any signal or communication from extraterrestrial life.

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Energy Protect

Energy-draining Vampires Around?

Keeping your energy high is crucial to achieving your goals and leading a content-filled life. However In today’s times, so many things are beyond control. While there’s no Laxman-Rekha (imaginary circle) against negative experiences a few of these tips will help guard your energy.

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