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  • Mitigate the Risk of IT Project Failures

    20th November 2023 0 Comment

    The failure rate of IT projects is appalling. In my 30+ years of IT software experience, I can safely say that custom-built software as well as cloud-based software projects do...

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  • Break Free from the Chains of FOPO 

    17th November 2023 0 Comment

    The opinions that others frame about us certainly do impact the way we feel, show up and perform. The good news is that they can impact you only if you...

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  • Wu Wei: When You Need to Step Back  

    14th November 2023 0 Comment

    There are many instances in life when trying too hard turns counterproductive and makes things worse. For instance, when you try too hard to please someone, it appears superficial and...

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  • Minimalism in Business and Life

    10th November 2023 0 Comment

    In a world inundated with the relentless pursuit of more, minimalism emerges as a beacon of simplicity that urges us to shed the excess and find meaning in the essential....

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  • Try ‘Task Automation’

    25th October 2023 0 Comment

    Task Automation is a simple yet powerful way to speed up your business, cut errors, save time and reduce costs. Giving it an esoteric name like RPA (Robotic Process Automation)...

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  • The Origin of Conflict: Can It Be Stopped? 

    23rd October 2023 0 Comment

    Conflict is an intrinsic part of human history. From the first territorial disputes between nomadic tribes to modern geopolitical tensions, conflicts have shaped our world in numerous ways. To understand...

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  • Organize Your Digital Life with PARA 

    18th October 2023 0 Comment

    It may be difficult to believe that your complicated digital files can be sorted and stored into just four categories. But by simply organizing your heaps of files online and having...

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