When to Persevere vs When to Quit 
05th July 2023

When to Persevere vs When to Quit 

Perseverance is a quality essential to success, but when plans are not the best fit it may be better to quit or shift direction. As a lot of content is built around how to persevere until you achieve, the problem is that not many of us know when it’s time to quit. If something is destined to be unsuccessful, it’s best to change plans or pause.

Stubbornly pursuing a goal isn’t always the best thing. It not only leads to wasted time and energy but also demotivates you. Letting go is also an important skill we must learn, and it can be healthy and beneficial at the moment. In this article, we help you better tune into whether it’s time to persevere, or time to quit.

Misfit to purpose

It can be brave to push through, but it is even braver to quit. When something no longer fits your purpose or goal, quitting is a brave decision and not a weakness in your plan. Reevaluating or reframing a situation can help you let go of an opportunity no longer serving you.

Lack of alignment

While persistence and determination are often valued, there are situations where quitting may be a reasonable choice. If a pursuit no longer aligns with your values, passions, or long-term objectives, it may be worth considering quitting. Continuing something that no longer resonates with you can lead to motivation and hinder growth.

impact on wellbeing

Compromising your well-being or happiness on the road to success will do you more harm than good in the long run. If you consistently experience more frustration, excessive stress or burnout than positivity over time, you should seriously consider stepping back or quitting as a necessary step.

Lack of progress

Continuously investing time and energy in something that yields unsatisfactory results may be counterproductive. If despite persistent efforts, you’re not making progress or finding satisfactory results in your pursuit, it could be a sign to reassess your approach.

Changed circumstances

Life’s priorities, or goals change over time. If situations have changed and continuing the current path no longer makes sense or supports your aspirations, it might be time to quit and set on a different path.

Toxic environments

If quitting gives you a sigh of relief or makes your life feel instantly better, then it is a clear indicator of what you need. If you find yourself stuck in unhealthy environments, such as destructive relationships or toxic work culture, quitting may be necessary to protect your well-being and preserve your mental and emotional health.

Remember, quitting is not always synonymous with failure. Sometimes quitting can be a blessing in disguise, leading you to new opportunities and redirecting your life on a fulfilling path. Occasionally, take time to introspect your life’s pursuits from afar to assess what resonates and what doesn’t so that you can act accordingly.

Alvina Clara, Content Writer, emQube

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