WhatsApp Business Can Multiply Profits
23rd November 2022

WhatsApp Business Can Multiply Profits

WhatsApp is the de facto app for personal messaging and with over 2 billion users across the world it has more subscribers than all other users including WeChat. And while you may not have seen this coming, businesses across the globe are taking notice of the explosive growth of WhatsApp for Business (WAB).

Simply put, WAB is a tool for businesses to engage and serve customers. And while you as a business are serving your customers, your suppliers are serving you as you are their customer. Thus, the entire business chain is now being served on the WAB platform.

WAB in its very basic mode allows you to engage with users through auto-greeting and predefined messages including your company profile. It allows you to organize your messages more efficiently and makes it convenient to respond in a timely manner. Users are protected from spam with a feedback loop as well as a permission process.

You can enhance the WAB benefits by creating an interactive chatbot that can answer FAQs or capture customer enquiry as well as feedback. Integrating WAB with your software system can reap the highest level of benefits allowing you to automate interaction with your customers and suppliers.

Starting from payment reminders to answering order-status queries, your WAB integration can allow you to automate routine queries leaving your staff to handle complex and fruitful interactions.

A simple WAB does not require qualified support but as you go up the benefit-chain you will need to work with companies certified and skilled to give you benefits inside a secure environment.

Mohammed Sutarwala, Managing Director, emQube

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