What Happens When Humans Go Extinct?
16th February 2023

What Happens When Humans Go Extinct?

The extinction of the human species is a topic that has been widely debated and speculated upon. It’s a topic that has been explored in movies, books, and TV shows. But what would happen if humans suddenly vanished from the face of the Earth? Let’s look at the immediate and the long-term scenario of such an eventuality.

In the immediate aftermath of human extinction,

The world would likely experience a period of chaos. Power grids would fail, cities would crumble, and buildings and infrastructure would quickly deteriorate without maintenance.

However, as the dust settles, nature would start to reclaim its land. Plants and trees would grow in the cracks of buildings and roads, and wildlife would return to areas that were once densely populated. The air would become cleaner and the oceans would become clearer, as the pollution caused by human activities would be non-existent. Many animals that were hunted or displaced by humans would increase, and species that were on the brink of extinction may be able to recover.

On the other hand, artificial systems like robots, computers, and satellites would continue to operate for a while, but eventually, they would stop functioning without maintenance thus adding to the debris on earth. Man-made materials that are not recyclable by nature will continue to last forever.

Now let’s talk about the long-term effects,

The disappearance of humans would also have a profound impact on the planet’s ecosystem. The loss of large-scale agriculture and other human-driven changes to the environment would result in a shift in the balance of power among different species. Some domesticated species that were nurtured by humans may decline or disappear, while native species that were suppressed by human activities may thrive. The loss of humans would give other species an opportunity to flourish without the constant threat of human activities like deforestation, hunting, and pollution.

Humans are the only species that has a selfish interest in the planet. In our pursuit of economic growth and personal gain, we have often neglected the needs of our environment, putting our own short-term interests above the long-term health of the planet. If humans disappeared from the planet, flora & fauna would restore to its natural state and the planet will become natural again.

In our opinion the extinction of humans may allow the earth to reset and perhaps when the next human is born, their collective reasoning power is more wholesome and directed to play a more useful role on earth. That of a protector and benefactor and not a parasite and destroyer.

Mohammed Sutarwala, Managing Director, emQube