Sensing Energies : Healthy vs Toxic Relationships
10th May 2023

Sensing Energies : Healthy vs Toxic Relationships

Have you noticed you feel good to be around certain people while you feel drained and want to get away from some?

Interestingly, people emit energies or vibrations around their space and highly intuitive or highly sensitive people are skilled at picking up the vibes people subconsciously give off. The art of sensing others’ energies is crucial to reading between the lines and differentiating between healthy and toxic relationships.

Just because a person laughs, need not necessarily mean he/she is happy within. Most of the time what people project is not exactly how they feel and what they say is in total contrast to what’s in their mind. People who aren’t alert to others’ energies are more gullible to deceit and can intentionally be misled into harmful relationships.

The next time you enter into someone’s space, just observe the aura they emit. Do you feel comfortable around this person that you can be your natural yourself? Or do the persons’ vibrations make you feel sick to your stomach and plummet your energy down?

Even though a few are apt at wearing masks when dealing with others, the energies they give off never lie. A close observation of their body language, facial gestures and eye movements will unmask their true intentions and reveal it all with time. The human body is proficient at picking up verbal and verbal queues from the environment. If you feel uneasy or weird in someone’s presence you should follow your body’s lead. By simply paying attention to your intuition, you’ll avoid falling into bad relationships that you’ll only regret later.

When someone is genuinely true, they emit the vibes of warmth and unconditional love that pulls or attracts you towards them in the first place. You gradually begin to feel happy and secure in their presence. This is the equation you should follow when choosing friends or partners, in whose company you feel safe and can grow as a person.

On the flip side, though someone is flattering you on your face and showering you with gifts, you still feel cold and disconnected in their presence. Even though you are unsure why, you instinctively know something’s not right and this is a signal to a red flag in the relationship. It could be this person is cleverly manipulating you to win your confidence. Once you submit to the relationship, his/her sadistic side unveils, leaving you kicking yourself for being totally naïve and foolish for getting into a relationship that causes you more damage than good.

Even though not all of us are not attuned to other’s energy fields, sharpening your ability to pick up things beyond the spoken will help you clearly understand different personalities. Decoding the invisible will be a game changer, where you’ll be able to see past the facades people wear and read their exploitative desires and fantasies. In simple terms, being conscious of others’ energies around you will help you identify what is not meant for you, set healthy boundaries and help you build quality relationships in the long run.

Alvina Clara, Content Writer, emQube