My Two Cents on NLP
13th March 2023

My Two Cents on NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a way of changing thoughts and actions to improve well-being. The effective practice of NLP can enhance workplace performance and personal happiness.

At a training program I recently attended with a group of business associates I learned many new concepts and techniques that I believe will help people to have better conversations and enhance interpersonal relationships via a better understanding of each other.

Of the many tools I came across, two are discussed in this article, viz Paraphrasing and Metaphoring.

ParaphrasingIn a conversation when you hear the other person tell you something, you repeat what you heard, but now you say it in your own words. Paraphrasing is a NLP technique that increases your comprehension by consciously repeating what you heard. Paraphrasing helps to acknowledge that you have been listening attentively and are now seeking to confirm your understanding. “So what you are saying is……”, is the beginning of paraphrasing. You continue the conversation letting the other person speak and then at appropriate intervals you paraphrase your understanding in your own words and continue the conversation.

MetaphoringA “Metaphor” is a story that is relevant and symbolic, which allows us to bypass our conscious resistance and to make connections at a deeper level. The use of Metaphors in NLP is to connect to the unconscious mind through a story. It allows learning to make sense and embed in the mind bringing about the desired change.

The use of all your senses in the metaphor can enhance the impact and yield faster and longer lasting effects. A great NLP Metaphor will be structured to address a specific challenge you are facing, and it will include the challenge, the action and the resolution.

An example of a metaphor would be comparing the mind to a garden and emphasizing the need to let it bloom (grow) by planting the right seeds (ideas) and regularly cleaning out the weeds (bad thoughts).

To enjoy the fruits of NLP regular practice is necessary. Sharing experiences and outcomes of NLP practice with a study group is also a good way to continue learning.

Peter Heredia

Dhiral Doshi is the Chairman of Vivandi Group William and Daniel Doshi Group of Companies.