Excellence vs Perfection  
12th June 2023

Excellence vs Perfection  

To be perfect in an imperfect world is often an idealized concept. In our quest to attain ‘perfection’, which is nothing but an illusion, we end up feeling more miserable and inadequate. On the other hand, striving for excellence involves setting realistic goals that are challenging but achievable. This process allows for growth, improvement, and progress without the burden of being perfect.

Research has shown that while perfectionism breaks us down (with pressure), aiming for excellence builds us up (with pleasure). You can be excellent without being perfect and through this you keep your performance and well-being in check. In this article, we explain the reasons why you must pursue excellence, not perfection.

Keep well-being in check

The race towards perfectionism has zero tolerance for errors or flaws. Thus, the chase can be mentally and emotionally draining as it gives rise to criticism, self-doubt and feeling of inadequacy.

In contrast, the journey towards excellence is more accepting of flaws and faults and considers it a stepping stone in the learning process. This thinking promotes acceptance of what it is, self-compassion and a realistic understanding of one’s abilities. It allows for a more balanced and fulfilling life, thereby promoting overall well-being.

Learning and growth mindset

Perfection is like an obsession or fantasy. In its hunt you end up making more mistakes, resulting in more dejection and disappointments along the way.

However, when your emphasis is on excellence you find it easier to execute and deliver. The march towards excellence lets you explore and experiment, and in turn, evokes your creative thoughts to create the new. You learn from your mistakes, develop your skills and grow in person or profession

Productivity and Efficiency

The peril of perfection is that it can get individuals stuck in minute details due to over-analysis and thus delay completion of tasks. This often leads to a significant waste of time and resources

On the contrary, the endeavor for excellence focuses on delivering results while being mindful of constraints and priorities. By directing your efforts towards process enhancement it promotes efficiency and productivity in the end.

To conclude, the race towards excellence has no finishing line and acknowledges the fact that there is always room for improvement. On the flipside, a perfectionist mindset is a sure route to stagnation.

Alvina Clara, Content Writer, emQube

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