Emiratization is Good for Private Businesses
24th November 2022

Emiratization is Good for Private Businesses

The UAE Government has an ambitious goal to bring citizens into the private workforce. The move is to provide Emiratis an option other than government jobs that have been digitally transformed and also to vitalize the private sector with a balanced workforce.

The current mandate is to ensure 2% representation in the executive workforce (white-collar jobs) which translates to 1 Emirati for every 49 Expats. The process entails the sourcing of candidates from the portal NAFIS and providing them responsibilities with commensurate compensation.

The initial reaction of private businesses was apprehensive, perhaps due to ill-conceived notions of language, culture, productivity, skills and qualifications. This is now changing rapidly as businesses realize the benefits of including citizens in private enterprises run by expatriates. A few of the benefits being discussed in business circles include:

– An Emirati perspective to business values and goals

– Joining hands in building a bigger and better nation

– Ease of business with Arabic speaking clients

– Efficiency in conducting administrative tasks with government entities

– Sourcing opportunities within the government

We are excited about the second objective of building a bigger and better nation. Our hosts don’t just need our efforts for the present but also need our contribution to their future. Having Emiratis in our businesses will make us a more equitable enterprise as well as nurture talent for an enduring future. It is giving back to the nation for the opportunity it has given us.

Mohammed Sutarwala, Managing Director, emQube

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