Eco-Spirituality: Mindful Awakening in Nature 
17th September 2023

Eco-Spirituality: Mindful Awakening in Nature 

The belief that humans are above nature or given dominion over it has created many problems in one way or another today. The fact is that we humans aren’t above or separate from nature, we’re part of it. And the further we disconnect from nature the more stressed and anxious we feel.  

It’s high time we reconnect with nature by recognizing its sacredness and appreciating the bounties the Earth has to offer. Being amidst nature — the trees, rivers, lakes or mountains — is a refreshing feel. These moments lend you peace and clarity and help you deeply connect with your inner self. So, if you’ve felt a sacred connection with nature and want to deepen it then you need to embrace eco-spirituality. 

Eco-spirituality, also known as nature-inspired spirituality, is a belief or philosophy that emphasizes the interconnectedness of all living beings with the natural world. It seeks to find the divine within nature by respecting the soil as well as the soul.  In this article, we list a few suggestions on how to get out and rekindle our relationship with nature: 

Mindful presence in nature The more time you spend in nature with an open and attentive mind, the more you replenish your spiritual being. Fully immersing yourself in the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations of the natural world helps you develop a meaningful connection with all living beings and the planet. 

Find your peace spot Seek out places in nature that feel particularly peaceful or satiating to you such as a hill, beach, river, or even a tree in your backyard. These natural spaces help us attain communion with the divine and transcend the realm of ego into an eco-conscious state.  

Tap into the divine Just like religious devotion, ecological spirituality requires you to engage in meaningful conversations and thoughtful practices to harness nature’s sacred wisdom and recognize God in all beings. Drawing upon nature’s tranquil experiences can help you enrich your spiritual life. 

Resort to healing Nature has tremendous potential to help you heal and Ayurveda and ancient medicine are based on this. Though the climate crisis is fueling our interest in nature-based spirituality, most who see through its lens are able to tap into the healing power of nature and revitalize their being. 

Discover beyond to gain insight In nature’s serenity you can discover your path to deeper connection and purpose. In the quest, you attain self-growth and develop an affinity for all beings. Attuning to yourself and caring for the natural world is also an act of self-love and love for all beings, transcending beyond race, class or religion. 

Reduce environmental impact As a part of your eco-spiritual journey, consider adopting sustainable practices and reducing your ecological footprint for a greener world. Turn stewards of the planet and care for the Earth to maintain the equilibrium of eco-systems. 

The evolving eco-spirituality movement all over the world is exciting because it compels us to rethink our relationship with nature. The key is to be open to the experience to let the beauty and bounties of nature nourish your soul. 

Alvina Clara, Content Writer, emQube

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