Energy-draining Vampires Around?
05th December 2022

Energy-draining Vampires Around?

In today’s uncertain times, so many things are beyond control. While there’s no Laxman-Rekha (imaginary circle) against negative experiences a few of these tips will help guard your energy.  

Keeping your energy high is crucial to achieving your goals and leading a content-filled life. Anything that depletes your energy or comes in the way of your happiness must be recognized and avoided. After all the level of your energy affects the quality of your life. In this piece, we reveal simple techniques you can practice for protecting your energy.  

Tune into your feelings Our bodies have a wonderful way of letting us know what’s right vs wrong. So, trust your gut feelings. Understanding what motivates and drains you is a preliminary step for protecting your energy. Take a deep breath to introspect what’s going on in your mind and be aware of the sensations in your body. Through this you can list the triggers of stress (people or events) and know where to draw a line. 

Set boundaries Avoiding negative sources is the first step to conserving energy. Nothing drains you more than melodramatic and narcissistic people. These energy vampires derive power by inflicting emotional pain on others. Life isn’t always easy and at times you may’ve to sever ties with toxic people even if they’re your relatives. Your needs are as important as theirs so don’t feel bad for setting boundaries. 

Use visualization as a shield Suppose you’re in the middle of negativity and don’t have the authority to walk away (like an office meeting), practice mental evasion by imagining yourself in a positive space on the beach and in a religious place. Our minds are powerful, and you can capitalize on this visualization technique where you don’t allow stressful situations to affect you. Insulating your mind denies other’s energies or circumstances to rob you of your peace. 

Satisfy your being, not ego Every time you react to others’ opinions or worry about looking as good as someone your ego is at work. Trying to be someone you’re not or living as per other standards will suck the energy out of you and fill your life with misery. The best way to come out of this trap is to be true to yourself and live your life with an inner purpose. 

Don’t neglect physical health  Your mind, body and soul are connected. A body denied of wholesome food or restorative sleep will have your energy levels crash down like waves. A healthy diet, regular exercise and sleep boost your physical stamina as well as enhance mental well-being. 

Cleanse your surroundings Clean and organised places keep up your energy levels whereas mess and clutter exhaust them. Decluttering your spaces can do wonders for your energy. Nothing can be more energising than coming back to a clean fresh environment each day.

Alvina Clara, Content Writer, emQube

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